Open an exciting and qualitative leisure zone in the neighbourhood centre

We aim to offer new opportunities for qualitative leisure and self-development on the doorstep to muscovites living in the densely populated residential districts. On this purpose we devote more than a third part of neighbourhood centres space to entertainment, education and sport formats

100-1 000
m2 — choose the relevant space for your business
target audience age
115 000
m2 spaces for leisure formats
Possible formats
Children centre
  • Fitness studio
  • Running club
  • Yoga
  • Dancing
  • Functional training
  • Healthy lifestyle lectures and master-classes
  • Game zone

  • Master-classes

  • Gymnastics

  • 3D-physical education
  • Discussion area
  • Programming school

  • Robotic classes

  • Video editing classes

Did not find the format you are interested in? Write and offer it to us
Nowadays teenagers are used to gaining knowledge in an interactive way, that is why our priority is to offer not boring educational formats for the kids, raised with gadgets. In neighbourhood centres you can open a language school, software engineering, robotic science or video editing classes or find a venue for the new formats, such as VR and cybersport
In neighbourhood centres we create flexible mixed-use spaces with smart zoning for education and entertainment for kids of all ages. We offer venues for diverse formats, including baby parking, creative workshops, 3D physical education, climbing centre, etc
We unite sports enthusiasts in each neighbourhood, organize yoga classes on the rooftop, launch race clubs and hold marathons
Choose a space for the entertainment in any area of Moscow
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About the project

We reconstruct over 30 soviet movie theatres in densely populated urban areas of Moscow, transforming them into modern neighbourhood centres — the meeting places for business and customers. We aim at creating a comfortable environment with qualitative shopping and leisure opportunities at the doorstep of 10 million Muscovites, living in between of the Third Ring Road and Moscow Ring Road.