Open a corner in Moscow neighbourhood centres

Small format is a maximum use of square and an opportunity to present the new product with minimum risks and expenses, to enter the traditional market for online retailers and to get to know the customers

Each square meter of neighbourhood centres adapts for the tenants needs and works on creating a unique customer experience. We offer small venues for short-time lease not only to business leaders but also to the first-time entrepreneurs entering the market.

Neighbourhood centres
network is an ideal venue to launch, develop and scale up the business quickly
M2 corner area or pop‑up side
miniformats in each object
9 900
M2 areas for small formats
Open dialog and support throughout all stages
Flexible formats and design
Barrier-free retail zone
Floor zoning
Effective loyalty program
We will help to choose the relevant format and store size, develop the design and establish the business operations
We welcome the boldest ideas, creative design and progressive technologies
We create barrier-free retail areas in neighbourhood centres in order to raise the conversion with the use of common foot traffic. We got rid of the barriers between customers and products to offer the unique shopping experience
We aim to maximize the revenue of each sq m of neighbourhood centres, that is why we pay particular attention to area clasterisation. We develop a unique concept for each floor and combine tenants of diverse formants to create a qualitative retail supply
We care about our partners, that is why we developed the loyalty program taking into consideration the needs of operators of diverse formats (from 1 to 1000 sq.m). Despite the area leased size, all the tenants get the access to the online account with analytics and staff training programs
New approach to short-term lease: we offer flexible formats with no limits for area size and combine inline-operators with kiosks to create the best customer experience
We help freshman designers and niche brands to enter the market and to find customers quickly. On this purpose we unite the most talented craftsmen and set up markets inside the neighbourhood centres, on the rooftop terraces and in the surrounding area
Open a pop-up store in the neighbourhood centre for a period from a week to 3 months to test new service, present a limited edition or implement new technologies
We support local manufacturers and welcome farm products operators to join the united zone at the checkout area of the supermarket at the underground floor of neighbourhood centres
Choose a space for the kiosk in any area of Moscow
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About the project

We reconstruct over 30 soviet movie theatres in densely populated urban areas of Moscow, transforming them into modern neighbourhood centres — the meeting places for business and customers. We aim at creating a comfortable environment with qualitative shopping and leisure opportunities at the doorstep of 10 million Muscovites, living in between of the Third Ring Road and Moscow Ring Road.