17 June
ADG Group will participate in Moscow Urban Forum
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Within Moscow Urban Forum in the Manege Central Exhibition Hall, ADG Group will present architectural projects of 39 neighbourhood centres of Moscow for the first time. The map of facilities can be seen on the interactive stand of the company.
Within Moscow Urban Forum in the Manege Central Exhibition Hall, ADG Group will present architectural projects of 39 neighbourhood centres of Moscow for the first time. The map of facilities can be seen on the interactive stand of the company.

In the Forum business program, the following persons will take part:

Grigory Pecherskiy, Managing Partner of ADG Group;

Olga Zakharova, Managing Director of ADG Group;

Guillame Sadoux, Director for Product Development of ADG Group.

New project of ADG Group is a large-scale transformation of peripheral neighbourhood centres taking into account the challenges of time, global urban planning experience and changed demands of local communities. ADG Group returns the former significance of district-forming centres which will consolidate the local communities again, however, the districts will be stimulated for internal infrastructure development.

"All buildings will be managed based on the unified principles, but the set of services in each of them will be different, since the demand on them is shaped based on the location of facility and desires of the residents" — Grigory Pecherskiy, Managing Partner of ADG Group;

"Project is established exactly for local residents. New facilities will integrate sports, rest for adults and children, coffee bars, cultural and shopping spaces - everyone will find here something for himself. We want to create qualitative, accessible and interesting place which is beloved"
— Olga Zakharova, Managing Director of ADG Group;
Among the most dramatic events of Forum business program, in which the representatives of the company will take part, are the following ones:

•    Hit-parade of the most interesting local projects of Moscow, which will include the presentation "New Neighbourhood Centres - Megaproject in the Scale of Moscow"(July 1)
•      "Districts of Moscow: Centres of Gravity". During the discussion, the speakers of the round table will pick out 10 rules which will give an opportunity to understand how to form the local communities correctly. Within the section the successful cases of forming of local communities from Moscow's, regional and international practice, as well as striking ideas which have to be implemented will be considered.

The following persons participate in the section:

Olga Zakharova, Managing Director of ADG Group

Anna Chin-Go-Pin, partner of DADEVELOPMENT

Arina Grebelskaya, the founder of non-commercial communitiy Airport/Sokol DaNeighborhood

Dasha Shadrina, Director of Seasons Project City Festivals

Yana Maximova, PR-Director of Urban Group

Nadezhda Snigireva, partner, the founder of the bureau "Project Group 8", architect, specialist in participatory design

Victoriya Kondrashova, General Director of RDI.Creative 

•      the speakers of the event 'Hybrid trading. How the Internet changes the City Shopping?' will tell on the global trends of trade business (July 1).
On the festival day of the Forum, July 3, public talk 'This is my district' involving famous representatives of TV, movie actors and show business representatives who will share their recollections about beloved districts of Moscow will take place.
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In the 'Angara' cinema, after reconstruction, there will be a two-storey glass-paned lobby
09 September
The meeting on 'Sayany' movie theatre reconstruction
04 July
The architecture of 39 neighbourhood centres was first presented to the Mayor of Moscow at the Moscow Urban Forum
04 July
"How to work with local communities". Discussion at Urban Forum in the Manege Central Exhibition Hall

About the project

We reconstruct over 30 soviet movie theatres in densely populated urban areas of Moscow, transforming them into modern neighbourhood centres — the meeting places for business and customers. We aim at creating a comfortable environment with qualitative shopping and leisure opportunities at the doorstep of 10 million Muscovites, living in between of the Third Ring Road and Moscow Ring Road.